Thoughts on My Eldest Daughter Moving Out

Author: Jennifer S. Kennett There are few moments in a parent's life more monumental than having their child move out to start his or her new life. Today, my eldest daughter moved into her very own home and embarked on her adult life. Although I haven't written any poetry for nearly a quarter century, I guess [...]

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Attachment Parenting with Teens

Author: Jennifer S. Kennett How do we stay connected in the face of our teen pushing away & pushing for more autonomy? It does seem like an odd contradiction – they want less–or nothing– to do with us, and we want to stay connected to them. It seemed much simpler when they were younger… So [...]

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Musings from a 16 year old

I am constantly amazed at the wisdom of young people. This was shared with me recently, and with this young person’s permission, I am sharing it with you. Through my life, I’ve learned a lot of things. Recently I’ve been contemplating a lot about what is important and what everyone [...]

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Stress-Free Family Holiday Tips

Author: Jennifer S. Kennett What is it about the holiday season that leaves so many people stressed and anxious? Is it the extra social commitments? The financial burden of gift-giving? For many people, it is the prospect of spending time with extended family and all the history that holds. While some of us have wonderful [...]

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The Value of Attunement

Author: Jennifer S. Kennett In my post on attachment parenting with teens, I talked a bit about the value of listening, and it got me thinking about the kinds of communication we use, particularly with our children. I came up with three kinds of communication—three ways in which we engage. To share or impart information [...]

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The Parenting Recipe: Ingredients for Success

 Author: Jennifer S. Kennett I recently lamented to a friend of mine about my challenges starting a parenting blog. “I’d be a better parenting blogger if my 14-year-old would just misbehave a little more!” Needless to say, my friend howled with laughter at my comment—I mean, who *wants* their teenager to act up more?! I [...]

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