Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting with Teens

Author: Jennifer S. Kennett How do we stay connected in the face of our teen pushing away & pushing for more autonomy? It does seem like an odd contradiction – they want less–or nothing– to do with us, and we want to stay connected to them. It seemed much simpler when they were younger… So [...]

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The Value of Attunement

Author: Jennifer S. Kennett In my post on attachment parenting with teens, I talked a bit about the value of listening, and it got me thinking about the kinds of communication we use, particularly with our children. I came up with three kinds of communication—three ways in which we engage. To share or impart information [...]

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The Parenting Recipe: Ingredients for Success

 Author: Jennifer S. Kennett I recently lamented to a friend of mine about my challenges starting a parenting blog. “I’d be a better parenting blogger if my 14-year-old would just misbehave a little more!” Needless to say, my friend howled with laughter at my comment—I mean, who *wants* their teenager to act up more?! I [...]

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